Hidden Interests Instruction

How to use Facebook Hidden Interests

Follow these 2.5 easy steps and save hours on interest research to find the perfect low-competition targeting.


Select a language & use the search bar to explore any broad topic you’re interested in. Roboshop will use the Facebook API to reveal all related interests that can be targeted with ads.

2.Explore & Select

Sort the interests by topic or audience size and use the search buttons to open a new tab with a search on Facebook or Google, to quickly assess the relevance of interests you’re not familiar with.

Clicking on an interest puts it in your selection box at the top of the page. You can then copy the contents to your clipboard.

3.Machine learning - Suggested interests

Roboshop will search for the best value for money performing interests in the last 24 hours according to your sales.

The interests are just a suggestion based on Roboshop machine learning algorithm.

In-order to be an applicant for Roboshop Machine Learning interests suggestion, Facebook hidden interests app should be installed for at least 1 month and your shop should have at least 500 orders in this time period.