super paypal

Save money by avoiding Paypal reserves

Adding tracking info to Paypal helps build trust, improve cash-flow and reduce customer complaints. Set the app on Autopilot and let it do the tedious work of matching orders with transactions!

Install NOW How to use super paypal Available for Shopify

How to use Super Paypal

In 4 easy steps

  • Install Super Paypal Shopify application
  • Install Super Paypal Chrome extension
  • Login to yours Paypal account
  • Click the extension start button

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A must have for all merchants

Shopify merchants are usually regarded by all payment processors as a high risk business model. Their chances to have their money reserved are high. Avoid this inconvenience by using Super Paypal now.

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Pricing plans

Up to 60 paypal orders a month
61-300 Paypal orders a month
301-1000 Paypal orders a month
1001-3000 Paypal orders a month