The ultimate tool list for Shopify stores

Finally, you have decided to launch your new store, after investigating dozens of niches and struggling with yourself which is the right market to target, it is the time to build and run your store.

Every Shopify veteran knows about the difficulties on the way to success in our vertical, from a slow website, building trusty product pages, cashflow and more…

In order to give you a smooth entrance and tackling the newcomers’ obstacles with ease we have made a shortlist of 10 tools which will help you through:

Dealing with images - Site speed & trust

  • Krita : A free photoshop replacement that gives you full photo editing flexibility with a photoshop look-alike UI.
    Don’t compromise on the looks of your products page images

  • TinyPNG :  Faster website sells better, TinyPNG uses smart compression to reduce your PNG & JPEG files size.

  • imageOptim : For Mac users, removes bloated metadata. Saves space & bandwidth by compressing images without losing quality.

  • Loox : Collect photo reviews from your happy customers, strengthen your brand and boost sales with strong social proof. We know Loox is not for free and that there are some other tools that do the same for less money, but Loox works like a charm with fast loading and high-end look and feel.

Be in control - Keep your account safe

  1. Super Paypal : Approximately 70% of online store transactions in the U.S made with Paypal. In order to protect our Paypal account, it is recommended by PayPal to upload orders tracking numbers. Super Paypal takes care of this task for FREE.

  2. Order Printer Pro : Print and deliver PDF invoices, quotes, packing slips and more with fully customizable designs. The app is free for stores with 50 orders a month.

Dropshipping - the right way to work

  • Dsers : AliExpress Official Dropshipping Partner, if you choose to be a drop shipper Aliexpress is the best partner you can have! Dsers is fully automated and will save you a huge amount of time.

  • FB Hidden Interests : Marketing… every merchant vulnerable point. With FB hidden interest you can say goodby to your Facebook confusions and save money by targeting secret and exclusive audiences.

  • Google pixel : Tracking your customers and serving them with remarketing ads is one of the most cost-effective campaigns. Shopify deals good with FB pixel but does nothing about Google, this is why fewer drop shippers are using Google ads. Working right with Google can give you an advantage over other drop shippers.

  • Miro : If you have VA’s (virtual workers) Miro will make your team collaboration fun, exciting and productive!  Use the Miro board and skyrocket your team to the next level.

Start with a plan in hand

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the essential tools and apps for your Shopify store, it’s time to flip the switch and start selling.

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